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At Grace, children are viewed as one of the greatest blessings and responsibilities that God has given both parents and the church community. These little ones in our midst are a tremendous source of joy, and we look forward to watching each child grow into the adult God has created them to be! We believe that the church has a unique opportunity to assist parents in leading these little ones to Jesus Christ. He Himself said,

Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.
— Matthew 19:14

Please read our Child Protection Policy and our Nursery Policy and Procedures for helpful information about the policies we have in place to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our children.

Each child is a soul in need of Christ, the Savior. Through the various children’s ministries at Grace, we strive to provide avenues of opportunity to teach children to love God’s word and obey God’s will. By God’s grace, this will lead them to truly know God, trust Him by faith, serve others around them, and spread the good news of Christ! Below is a simple summary of some of our ministries devoted to children.


No child is too small to be shown the love of Christ and that is our goal in the nurseries here at Grace. Our caregivers are volunteers who desire to minister to the littlest ones in our church by taking care of their needs and helping them play and feel safe while away from their parents. Babies and toddlers are often read to, sung to, rocked, and prayed over during their time in the nursery. Of course, safety and health is of utmost importance and great care has gone into the design and procedures of the nursery at Grace. A detailed copy of these procedures are available upon request.

Grace Reformed Baptist Nursery
GRBC Sunday School

Sunday School

Children are created with an amazing ability to learn and remember so much! We are so thankful for the weekly opportunity to teach the toddlers, preschool and school-aged children in our Sunday School classes. The beauty of Christ and the gospel, the faithfulness of God to His people, the attributes of God, and how God’s creation declares His glory are just a few of the larger truths that are covered through the years of Sunday School. Our primary goal is to teach them the truth of the Bible and lead them to Jesus! For more details on our Sunday School programs please visit our Sunday School page.

Vacation Bible School

We look forward to the yearly occasion of Vacation Bible School which takes place in the summer. The kids and adults alike have so much fun during the week long intensive study of God’s word accompanied by games, crafts, fellowship, and lots of silliness! Though this time does provide a ton of fun, the primary goal is to reach children in our community and help them understand the gospel. We encourage everyone to invite their neighbors and friends to join us for this special week. We hope and pray that God uses this ministry to bring these little children to himself.

Sidewalk Sunday School

The Sidewalk Sunday School ministry seeks to reach disadvantaged neighborhoods in Mebane by bringing monthly VBS type lessons and activities to the children. Though the main focus is on the kids, this ministry often facilitates the development of relationships with the families of the children and with others. Sometimes opportunities arise to serve some on a deeper level, and sometimes relationships that began with kids continue as they grow to be adults. Our goal is to shine a light, to help in whatever way we can, and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.